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The Most Common Causes of Carpet Damage and the Best Ways to Repair Them

December 5, 2018
The Most Common Causes of Carpet Damage and the Best Ways to Repair Them

Consider the carpets that line the floors of your house, your workplace or your apartment. Were they there before you, or did you pay for their purchase and installation? Carpet can be quite expensive to buy, even in relatively small lengths, so it’s important to look after it as best as possible in order for it to maintain its quality and appearance for years to come.

At 3 Eight Australia, we specialise in carpet repairs for damaged fitted carpets. Whichever of the four types you have in your property – tufted, woven, needles or fibers – you can rest assured that we can address all kinds of damage to fitted carpets and more.

Here are some of the most common ways that damage can occur to carpets in everyday situations, and the best approaches to get your carpets fixed so they can look their very best once more.


When you eat in front of the television instead of at the dining room table, the chances of dropping food on the floor or spilling a glass of your favourite wine is high. Naturally, these can all result in stains marking the carpet with varying levels of intensity and persistence. The easiest way to remove stains from carpets is with conventional cleaning solutions. More intense and persistent stains may require professional assistance from a company that specialises in carpet repairs.

Pet Damage

As much as we love our pets, they sure have a knack for causing damage to carpeted areas. If your dog or cat hasn’t had their claws cut in a long time and they get caught in the carpet fibres, there’s a strong possibility that they may tear the carpet while trying to break free. Dogs are also likely to soil the carpet with tough stains, while cats can scratch up the carpet as a substitute for a scratching post.

There are numerous ways to repair and prevent carpet damage caused by pets:

    • Cut away loose carpet threads that your pet could get their claws snagged on, helping to reduce the likelihood of more severe carpet damage from occurring as your cat or dog tries to free itself.
    • Replace missing fibres where the carpet has been worn away. Take fresh carpet fibres from an area of carpet largely hidden from view (e.g. underneath the sofa) and transplant them to the worn area.
    • In some instances, your pet might try to pull up the carpet from any loose, exposed ends. By applying a hot-melt carpet tape along the seam so that the two halves are under each side of the carpet, you’ll get an effective seal that protects your carpet.

When it comes to sorting out large-scale pet related carpet damage, patching is the most effective option. This essentially involves cutting out a replacement piece of new, sterile carpet and using it to replace worn out or damaged carpet.


The most common form of carpet burn typically comes from a lit cigarette that has dropped to the ground or has dropped hot ash. However, other forms of burn damage are also possible, such as an iron that has been dropped on the ground or a kitchen fire that spreads to an adjacent carpeted room. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to fix burns in carpets, largely dependent on the size of the burn.

Carpet repairs for small burns are relatively easy. First, any burnt carpet fibres are cut away with a sharp pair of scissors. The next step is to cut some clean fibres from an area of carpet that’s hidden from view. Superglue is applied to the area where the burnt fibres have been cut away, and the grafted fibres are glued on evenly so they match the rest of the carpet. This approach is best used for small burns caused by something the size of a lit cigarette.

For Larger Burns

For larger burns that cannot be repaired with a small cutting of carpet fibres, it may be necessary to cut around the perimeter of the burn with a sharp craft knife. This cut out piece of carpet is then removed and replaced with a spare carpet piece that’s free of damage. Before walking on any replacement carpet, it’s important that it’s secured by placing heavy books on top and leaving it overnight for the glue to set before allowing feet to walk over it.

All of Your Carpet Restoration and Repair Needs Covered in Melbourne

Whether you need carpet restretching or restoration of your carpet after flood damage, you can count on 3 Eight Australia to have all your needs covered when it comes to carpet repairs in Melbourne. Contact us today to enquire about our services, request a quote or make a booking.


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