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Why Wet Carpet is a Bigger Problem than You Might Think & What Are Water Damage Restoration Costs?

September 17, 2018

When water penetrates carpet, it can cause significant damage. If prompt action isn’t taken, wet carpet can begin to smell and grow mould, necessitating complete replacement – and all it takes is an overflowing bathtub or a burst water pipe for your whole carpet to become drenched. Water damage restoration costs are nothing compared to the cost of complete replacement, which is why it’s important to act fast to prevent permanent damage. This blog post from 3 Eight Australia explains why wet carpet is a bigger problem than you might first suspect.

Potentially Dangerous Water

It’s important to determine where the leak has come from and how dangerous the water may be. Water damage restoration companies use three water categories to classify the level of contamination. Category 1 is where the water originates from a source like a burst pipe or a leak in the sink. This type of water damage isn’t a health hazard, as the water is typically clean. Category 2 contains contaminated grey water that can potentially cause illness, and it usually comes from a leaking washing machine or dishwasher. Water damage restoration companies can usually fix damage caused by Category 2 water. The most severe wet carpet contamination is Category 3, where the water is considered to be ‘black’ and contains bacteria that can pose a serious health threat to humans and pets. Carpets affected by Category 3 water should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid health issues.

Long-Term Damage

To fix wet carpet, people usually turn their heater up or try to soak up the water using towels. However, these methods aren’t always effective and can cause more damage in the long term. Wet carpet can also cause harm to skirting boards, doors, walls and furniture in the home. That’s why it’s essential to contact water damage restoration companies in Melbourne as soon as you become aware of the damage. Water damage restoration costs can also be significantly reduced when professional assistance is sought out as soon as possible.

If you’ve experienced water damage, 3 Eight Australia has a team of high qualified and experienced carpet cleaners and water damage specialists who can address your concerns. We service homes across Victoria, from the eastern suburbs of Frankston to the western suburbs of Werribee. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.


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